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Onsite servicing and repairs has often been seen as a 'that will do service'. At CVS24 we do things a little bit different and class this as one of our specialities, which is why UK & Europes largest fleet leasing companies & onsite service providers come to CVS24 for on site servicing and repairs in Scotland

Why choose onsite servicing?

Reduction in downtime – Don’t have your vehicle off the road all day whist it’s sat in a static workshop waiting to be repaired.

Reduction in fuel costs – Don’t take your vehicle miles to a workshop wasting fuel when CVS24 will come to you.

Increase in vehicle utilisation – Appointment slots are pre arranged enabling you to work around the booking.

Reduced service, maintenance and repair spend – Competitive labour rates, no need to pay inflated dealer prices.

Time - We will work around your work committments - Have your vehicle servived at home or at your workplace at your convenience.

Why Choose CVS24?

Europes largest sleet lease companies and specialist  Onsite servicing companies already use CVS24 to carry out there service and warranty work.

Call Us: 078488 24247